• Joseph Harris

Why HVAC Do It Yourself Installation Is A Bad Idea

HVAC Technician

When your air conditioner or HVAC system goes on the fritz, it can be a frustrating experience for everyone living in your home. Sweltering heat, high humidity, and irregulated temperatures make doing daily chores downright uncomfortable. While having a reliable air conditioning system in South Florida is necessary, DIY installation cannot be undertaken without proper safety precautions and some experience with HVAC systems.

YouTube and other media channels have managed to make many of us believe that we can tackle many home maintenance projects with a false sense of confidence, minus the skill set required. Would you want a doctor performing a life-saving surgery for you if they had only watched tutorial videos on how to accomplish this feat? Similarly, you’ll want to employ the services of a trained HVAC technician to help you select and install your new system to ensure that everything is in proper working order. Here are some other reasons why DIY air conditioning installation is not a great idea:

  1. Your unit is a highly specialized machine with integrated parts that can easily be damaged. These days, HVAC systems are assembled by machine technology, making them extremely difficult for the average “Joe” to understand unless you’ve been specially trained for this type of work. Your job is to monitor and replace the air filter to ensure that your unit is working properly, nothing more.

  2. Your HVAC technician has highly specialized training and the right type of tools. HVAC technicians and service repair professionals have years of training and apprenticeship experience under their belts before attempting an installation or service call on their own. Specific tools and safety devices are required for this type of work, and quite often, these special tools are only accessible to those who prove and demonstrate their HVAC system knowledge.

  3. Certain safety protocols must be followed when working with HVAC systems. An HVAC system is electrically and chemically based, meaning your choice to work on them unassisted puts you at risk for respiratory issues and even electrocution. The refrigerant used to operate cooling systems is also highly poisonous and must be handled with caution to avoid accidental chemical burns and ingestion. Steer clear of these dangerous working conditions, and leave the delicate work to your HVAC professional.

  4. You could make a costly mistake. A homeowner often attempts a DIY installation to avoid expensive installation fees, but one simple mistake could cost you and your loved one’s valuable time, money, and even your health if the work is not performed correctly. If your unit is installed professionally, it is much more likely to be done correctly, ensuring that you will yield years of efficient operation and energy savings.

  5. You will void any warranty on parts and service with a DIY installation. Most HVAC systems come with a parts and installation warranty covering major and minor repairs for many years after service with your unit begins. If you choose to attempt the installation yourself, you’ll void any warranty that you might have been able to take advantage of if a professional had done the work. This might not seem like a big issue the first few years of operation, but as your unit begins to age and break more frequently, it could end up costing you more than you had anticipated.

Things you can do to help your system operate more efficiently

There are a few matters that you can take into your own hands as you monitor your system operation with no need to call a technician, including:

  • Inspecting, cleaning, and changing air filters

  • Getting vents inspected and cleaned regularly to improve airflow

  • Cleaning and washing debris from the outer unit to improve efficiency

  • Monitoring connections to see if everything is in good working order. NEVER attempt to touch electrical wiring going to and from your unit

  • Regulating the thermostat so your home maintains a comfortable temperature

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