• Joseph Harris

Ways To Prevent Your Air Conditioner From Breaking Down This Summer

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if your air conditioner only broke down during mild weather? Better yet, wouldn’t it be fantastic if it never broke down at all? The truth is, most breakdowns of your air conditioning system will always occur during hot summer months, and this is because your system is working hardest to keep your home cool and comfortable.

Avoiding uncomfortable summer days

In an attempt to avoid hot and sticky summer days, you’ll need to take some proactive steps to prevent some truly heinous heat. While you may not be a trained HVAC professional, you can still stay on top of your air conditioner as summer approaches to prevent breakdowns. Follow these simple tips to ensure a cool and comfortable summer:

  1. Keep that filter clean. Running your system with a dirty filter is one of the primary reasons that it breaks down. Checking your filter each and every month and replacing it when it becomes dirty will ensure that it works more effectively without getting too overheated. Most standard filters are available at home improvement and hardware stores; check your filter size and brand before heading out to purchase a few extras that you can have on hand.

  2. Schedule a tune-up as soon as possible. If you have not performed regular maintenance for your system yet, now is the time to set up a regular maintenance schedule. Call a professional HVAC service provider and set up a spring inspection to ensure everything is in order before summer swelter hits.

  3. Check for signs of leaking water. As you periodically check your unit from time to time, scan the floor around the base of your air conditioner. Drain lines can often become clogged, leading water to leak around and through your system, causing eventual breakdown. You’ll need to have your drain professionally unclogged to make sure your unit can run efficiently once more.

  4. Don’t close air vents. To save a few dollars, many homeowners close air vents in unused rooms. Your system was designed to circulate air throughout your home, and closing off portions of the ductwork that were intended to balance out airflow can cause damage to your unit. Keep air vents open and free from blockages to prevent problems.

  5. Maintain the area around your condenser unit. Your outside condenser unit needs unobstructed space so it can properly take air in and circulate it through the unit. Keep grass trimmed, remove dead foliage, mud, and muck that may accumulate, and give your condenser room to breathe.

  6. Don’t ignore problems that may come up. If you suspect that your unit is becoming tired, overworked, or in a general disrepair state, don’t ignore the small stuff. In time, a neglected system will result in complete failure, making it necessary to replace a portion of or all of your unit. Contact a qualified HVAC professional to assess your unit and make recommendations for repair and replacement.

  7. Replace your unit if it’s not worth saving. You can’t continue to rely on an air conditioner that’s done its time. An old air conditioner is much more fragile than a new, high-efficiency system. Avoid the inevitable breakdown and repair bill by planning and budgeting for new installation, and save yourself the trouble of an additional service call.

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