Top Air Conditioning Optimization Tips

Air conditioner

Your HVAC system uses nearly thirty percent of your home’s annual electricity consumption, and with summer months being so hot and humid in south Florida, this is one appliance that is likely to be used more than many others in your household.

Being a good steward of your HVAC system involves assessing its function and optimizing it to reduce energy costs year-round. What are the telltale signs of an air conditioner that is not operating at its peak? Let’s look at some of the troublesome symptoms:

  • The presence of odd noises, bangs, and whistles

  • Inefficient cooling

  • High electricity bills

  • The presence of hot air when the air conditioner is in use

  • Strange, pungent smells coming from the unit and circulating throughout your home

To keep breakdown at bay, it’s essential to optimize its function. Follow these tried-and-true strategies to stay cool and comfortable all year long.

  1. Replace the filter regularly When your system has a free-flowing filter, it will run at peak performance. Conversely, if your filter is clogged and dirty, efficiency drops, putting a strain on your entire unit. Indoor air quality is affected, and it takes your AC longer to recover in between cycles. To combat this unnecessary strain, have your filter inspected and replaced regularly to reduce allergens, clean indoor air, and keep your unit running easily and efficiently.

  2. Limit the impact of temp on performance Electronic devices such as your stove, microwave, and dryer may not be helping your AC unit do its job. Installing a fan can modify cooling patterns, easing the burden on your whole system. Be mindful of the use of electronic devices that may be better used during cooler hours of the day, and let up on the air conditioner unit as it cools your home.

  3. Close doors and windows Cold air may easily leak out of open doors and windows, causing your unit to work harder than if doors and windows remain closed while your unit is one. This additional work could have adverse effects on your unit over time.

  4. Service your unit regularly Regular care and maintenance of your unit may cost a bit upfront, but it will pay for itself in the long run, as it significantly impacts the life of your air conditioner. As you find and fix minor repairs, you’ll avoid more significant ones that could lead to total system failure.

  5. Cover your outer condenser coil Scorching outdoor temperatures can significantly impact your exterior condenser, impacting its ability to help keep your home comfortable. Install preventative shade or a cover over your outdoor unit to prevent dirt, dust, and debris from taking their toll.

  6. Clean components Washing the outdoor condenser occasionally may seem like a troublesome chore, but it will prevent issues with performance as you whisk away debris that makes function less efficient. Consider adding a vent cleaning to the list of things to do as well, as poor circulation throughout your home can put a strain on all parts of your system.

  7. Fix leaks as soon as you find them Leaking ductwork and windows can lead to early system failure, as it has to work harder to circulate air throughout your home. You’ll see evidence of this on high electricity bills; it’s only a matter of time before your system starts showing signs of wear and tear. Fix those leaks and cracks throughout your home, and you’ll likely extend the life of your unit by as much as several years.

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