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HVAC Industry Trends That Will Heat You Up---And Cool You Down--In 2022

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When it comes to heating and cooling our homes, we take our comfort quite seriously. It only takes a few days of substandard temperatures in our home to make even the most even-tempered homeowner cranky, irritable, and downright testy. Unfortunately, many of us don’t think about improving our HVAC systems until we are faced with a repair or, worse yet, complete and total replacement.

Why wait? Stay On Top Of Industry Trends

We sincerely hope you haven’t found it necessary to call a repair technician as you peruse this article. While you are here, however, consider improving your system with a few of the industry innovations that are bound to make waves in your home.

Even those who are technologically challenged can manage some of the best improvements that money can buy. Add these to your wish list and make a plan to improve your system and your energy footprint as you implement these new devices in your home.

Improvement #1–Greater energy efficiency

Energy-efficient HVAC systems have been significantly improved over the past few decades. If your current system is a bit lackluster, consider upgrading to one that is Energy Star Certified. Energy Star systems are able to meet and exceed national efficiency standards while simultaneously going green and lowering your energy costs. Not only will an energy-efficient unit work better, but you’re also likely to see significant savings on your energy bill every month.

Improvement #2–High tech cooling features

Keeping your home comfortable doesn’t have to be difficult, particularly when you invest in an AC that can boast the latest greatest high-tech features. One recent innovation that has homeowners singing is the variable-speed HVAC system that can regulate and adjust airflow in and around your home. This allows for more efficient heating and cooling without wasting valuable energy.

Yet another high-tech gadget to consider installing is the scroll compressor. Scroll compressors give refrigerants an extra boost of pressure, giving your system more power to cool your home in half the time.

Smart thermostats

Don’t tell us you’re still using the manual wall thermostat that can take on a mind of its own on hot days; it’s time to join the next generation of HVAC enthusiasts who have installed smart thermostats in their homes. A smart thermostat can connect to virtually any device in your home, allowing you to heat and cool zones as needed. Know you’ll be gone for a few days? Set your thermostat a bit higher to save on energy costs, and prepare your haven in anticipation of a return trip by lowering your thermostat to your desired temperature. You have comfort and convenience at the touch of a button.

Aeroseal duct sealing

Your ductwork takes a beating as air is circulated around your home. Most ductwork systems can develop leaks, cracks, and general wear and tear as they work to cool your home. These minor issues lead to big problems over time if they are not properly addressed. Aeroseal duct sealing takes protective measures to new heights, sealing up cracks and leaks and making your unit perform like the day it was installed.

Zone systems

A large home is not always a blessing, especially in times of high heat and humidity. Determine which zones of your home need to be heated and cooled, shut down others as you power up your preferred zones, and get ready for efficient and energy-saving cooling. A standard HVAC system won’t always keep up with your demand, and in these cases, having a zone system installed will save you both time and money as you cool your home.

Geothermal options

Those who want to go to the next level of “green” put geothermal heating and cooling at the top of the wish list. This type of system can draw energy from the ground underneath your home, allowing you to substantially decrease your carbon footprint. While a geothermal unit can be a significant cost up front, the savings you’ll enjoy for years will be well worth the investment.

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