• Joseph Harris

Getting The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

Air conditioning seems like a simple concept, doesn't it? Unfortunately, some intricacies must work correctly to keep your home cool and comfortable year-round. The many pitfalls of air conditioning function can cost you money and put you and your family in extreme danger.

Knowledge is power

You can do some tricks to save valuable time and money, ensuring that your HVAC system runs as it should. Avoid these mistakes made during and after installation to stay safe and cool when the hottest occasion calls for it.

Avoid installation mistakes

Your HVAC system must be installed by a qualified HVAC professional. The complexity of the system and its many components necessitates the involvement of someone with intimate knowledge of all types of HVAC systems. In fact, most states require that a certified, licensed professional install and repair your system to make sure it is done safely. After installation, many states require an inspection to ensure everything is in good working order.

Even professionals make installation mistakes that compromise your unit's safety and effectiveness. If a unit is improperly sized in relationship to your home, it can interfere with moisture control and cost more to cool your home than necessary. The unit will burn out faster, working hard to cool yet still leaving uncomfortable humidity and heat levels. Your utility bills will rise, and your unit's life could be significantly shortened.

Improper duct sealing and sizing can also cause issues with your unit. Both of these issues can result in loss of your unit's efficiency, with moisture seeping through cracks in the system and compromising indoor air quality and even your health.

Usage mistakes to avoid

Proper installation is the first step in making sure your unit is working correctly; now comes your responsibility to use it properly to regulate your home. Take these steps to ensure efficient function:

  • Continue to use ceiling fans to circulate air in and around your home. Fans should push air down, creating a downward rush of air that creates a natural cooling effect. When you are not in a room with a ceiling fan, shut it off to save on cooling costs.

  • Don't overuse exhaust fans. Exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms have their place in the home, but they can add heat in areas where they are used. Only use them if absolutely needed, and turn them off when the rooms are cleared of smoke and steam.

  • Set your thermostat in a "smart" place. A thermostat can be confused by its position in the home. Vents and hot appliances can raise air temperature, which is not an accurate measure of the surrounding air temperature. Locate thermostats in a spot where they will not be influenced by outside air, vents, or appliances.

  • Don't neglect regular maintenance and care. Routine maintenance is the most essential thing you must do to keep your home comfortable and utility bills low. Many homeowners take action after a problem pops up, rather than take advantage of a regular maintenance plan. The cost of a regular maintenance plan is far less expensive than a major repair or replacement after your unit has been neglected for too long.

Speaking of maintenance……

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