• Joseph Harris

Air Conditioner Efficiency and Performance An Overview


Most homes across the southern part of the United States rely on air conditioning to get them through the warmest parts of the year. A reliable HVAC system keeps your home at a consistent temperature and humidity levels, providing you with cool comfort when you need it most.

You’ll know almost immediately if your HVAC system has gone on the fritz; high heat and humidity will slowly infiltrate your home, making you and your loved ones run for the thermostat. If you are a homeowner with an HVAC system to care for, you should know some basic things about efficiency and performance so you don’t find yourself scrambling for a repair that you could have avoided. Discover some aspects of HVAC care and performance that you may not have known before:

Split systems

A split system has dual components–one inside and one outside the home–to help manage temperature and humidity levels. Your AC uses a compressor, coils, and refrigerant to keep temperatures low during the hot spring and summer months. Split systems rely on pipes rather than ductwork to circulate refrigerant to an output system, keeping your home cool and comfortable while remaining energy efficient.

Hybrid split systems

While most southern residents won’t require a unit to provide heat in the home, hybrid split systems have advantages. A traditional thermostat and ductwork combo can offer a significant reduction in energy bills, and its versatile fuel options such as oil, fuel, natural gas, and electricity give homeowners several options for optimizing indoor temperatures.

Ductless systems

A ductless system contains two essential pieces–an indoor unit and a corresponding outdoor unit–that work to cool living spaces in which it is placed. Units run efficiently and quietly for optimal performance. Without the forced air models that ductwork demands, your system runs cleaner and more efficiently, needing less maintenance than other types of systems.

How does an HVAC system work?

Every component in an HVAC system has a particular function; the purpose of the whole package is to cool and regulate your living space. HVAC systems also provide comfort and an improvement in overall indoor air quality, provided that they are well maintained and cleaned regularly. Fresh air is taken into the system and moved through a cooling component to lower its temperature. Before being circulated through your home, it passes through a “quality” control system—usually a filter–to reduce particulates, allergens, and harmful bacteria, resulting in cooler, cleaner air.

However, your HVAC system cannot perform as intended without proper care and maintenance. Regular inspection of all components, replacing refrigerants, and repairing as necessary are essential aspects of HVAC system care. Filters must be checked, cleaned, and replaced if necessary. Keeping a regular maintenance schedule will be an integral part of ensuring the integrity and function of your air conditioner. Without proper care, you’re likely to find yourself in a sticky situation as temps climb steadily during the changing seasons.

Proactive maintenance

Few household chores are as effective as maintaining your air conditioner system. While you wouldn’t want to mess with more technical aspects of maintaining your system, there are some steps you should take to monitor your system efficiency at home, such as:

  • Examine the thermostat to determine if your unit is cooling efficiently

  • Clean and replace filters regularly

  • Clean and remove debris from the outside unit

  • Eyeball electrical components to ensure that they are fitting as they should

  • Monitor the condenser fan to maintain its efficiency

Following these simple steps will help eliminate many minor issues that can lead to damage and significant repair costs. Your wallet will thank you.

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